What To Have


  1. Any kind of thicker mat or blanket. We do not recommend a THIN mat as your joints will not appreciate it.
  2. A Yoga Block
  3. A Yoga Brick
  4. A Yoga Strap (Metal D ring type, not plastic buckle type)
  5. A fluffy blanket to cover you in relaxation
  6. A small cushion for under your head if it needs a little support in lying poses

Dance Fitness

  1. A pair of light hand weights. Up to 3lb in each hand. 
  2. A water bottle, preferably with a sports cap
  3. A sweat towel if you know you will get very hot and bothered!
  4. Dance Sneakers or shoes with little or no tread on
  5. Loose comfortable clothing (layers so you can strip off once warmed up)
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