ONLINE Gentle Somatic Yoga and Dance Fitness Classes for seniors to help you stay

Fit Flexible and Fabulous

Online classes with Deborah Molwuka: Front row viewing In the privacy of your home For the whole household Build stamina Feel alive Feel happy No cold hall floors No rainy journeys No night-time driving Clear guidance Have fun Make friends

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Fit Fabulous and Flexible Zoom classes are a unique way to improve your health, strengthen muscles and bones, and improve balance.

The Fit Fabulous and Flexible series of somatic yoga and dance fitness classes focus on low impact exercises that are extremely safe for the whole family

Lower back pain and stiffnessGone!

Upper back pain and stiffnessGone!

One sided back painGone!

Neck and shoulder pain and stiffnessGone!

Elbow and finger pain and stiffnessGone!

Osteoporosis prevention and careEnhanced!

Gone!Lower back pain and stiffness

Gone!Upper back pain and stiffness

Gone!One sided back pain

Gone!Neck and shoulder pain and stiffness

Gone!Elbow and finger pain and stiffness

Enhanced!Osteoporosis prevention and care

Gone!Knee pain and stiffness

Gone!Hip pain and stiffness


Improved!Stress and sleep

Stronger!Pelvic floor

Strong and Flexible!Legs and feet

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