Dance Fitness and Dance Fit Light

There are no wrong moves!

Deborah’s classes are a combination of all styles of dance, from Hip Hop to Lindy Hop, with a smattering of Latin and Ballroom too. The playlist is designed to raise the heart rate to just the right level at just the right time based on interval training techniques, so the songs will have a beat speed corresponding to heart rate requirements within the class structure.  Conventional dance classes focus on correct style and technique, but this takes the fitness focus away. Deborah doesn’t worry about too much technique and keeps things simple so that she is not stopping to demonstrate or correct you, and hence your heart rate stays in the right zone throughout

So please do not worry about getting the steps exactly right. Just keep moving.

Even if everyone else is going in the opposite direction from you – it’s all part of the fun! Please don’t have the expectation that you can pick up the moves in an instant, just try to watch for hand signals and for the same moves being brought up in the warm-up and during the song at half speed for the first time around.  When we have new routines, these are recorded on Video Notes for you and sent straight to your inbox if you are subscribed to our newsletter, so don’t miss out on being able to learn and practice at home at a slower pace with clear teaching points and instructions.

You won’t hear much shouting and talking from Deb in boot camp style!

Deborah has found over the years that talking over the music all the time is counterproductive because it’s very difficult to hear and it takes away from the party atmosphere!

So sing away with the rest of the group and forget yourself, your worries and about perfection in the steps.

If there are safety points to go over, especially when using your light hand weights, she will explain at the beginning of class to save interrupting the flow.  

Did you know…

Dancing burns 250 to over 400 calories an hour, strengthens your hips, thighs and calves; and like weight training, builds stronger bones?

Dance for the health of it!

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Look after your feet!

As much as anything, wearing the right shoes will make all the difference to what you can achieve in class. Smooth soled is ideal but you don’t have to buy anything special – look in your wardrobe for something flat and comfortable.  The worst possible shoes have too much tread as these stop you from being able to comfortably perform the lateral movements required, especially in Latin dancing.  Your feet stick to the floor in trainers as they are designed to grip hard and you could damage your knees if this happens when you are trying to swivel.

Deborah dances barefoot using Vibram Five Fingers (individual toes) “shoes” to protect her feet (as we are using weights) without taking away from the barefoot experience. She understands the benefits as well as pitfalls of training yourself to go naked below the ankle. Please talk to her about this if you want to go barefoot in class and if you are new to it, she will be able to book you into a few private consultation sessions (fees apply) to train your feet over several months to get you ready for the dance floor.

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or get in touch via the Contact page

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