Deborah Molwuka

I have been a dancer from being a toddler and I have previously run The Swing Jive Dance Company teaching modern jive and Lindy Hop to couples.

I trained as a Zumba instructor in 2011 and subsequently went on to gain qualifications from the renowned provider, YMCA, in Exercise for Older Active Adults, Group Exercise to Music, Nutrition for Sports, Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology, and a Diploma in Exercise Referral.  In 2014 I gained my Diploma in Yoga provided jointly by the YMCA and Yoga Professionals; as well as Level 2 Advanced Practitioner status in Gentle Somatic Yoga in 2017.

I lost my sister at the age of 51 through aortic aneurism. It was a huge shock. No one knew she was ill in any way.

Being so involved in her funeral (and doing the Eulogy for her, Dad, Mum and Step Mum) is motivating me to create meaningful ceremonies for those who are unchurched. Religious or not, we still have a need to mark life events with a spiritual element befitting those present at the ceremony.

I have been a “master of ceremonies” in the household growing up as Mum was reliant on me entertaining my younger sisters. This involved making ceremonies for Easter, Halloween and similar events. This usually involved teaching them to dance and put on a show or do something creative, and marking it with a ceremony.

So it’s in my blood to make things special for people.

My spiritual inclinations are based on the work of Eckhart Tolle and a study of all world religions which makes me an ideal Celebrant for your loved one’s funeral or your wedding or naming ceremony if you want someone who can accept and embrace any religious background or none.

I offer FREE meditation classes every now and then. These are based on my passion for Tolle’s work and my desire to spread the message of losing ego identification in favour of being fully present in the moment. This helps me be connected to the essence of you that carries on throughout eternity

Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have. – Eckhart Tolle

I embrace eccentricity and love alternative lifestyles. I am very supportive of folk – allowing them to be very self-expressed.

And I believe I can create the ceremony to meet your individual, alternative or eccentric needs while maintaining the appropriate solemnity for the occasion.

I draw on my academic skills as a retired Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University in Sheffield when preparing classes and I have found that previously being a Senior Nurse at Sheffield Children’s Hospital has also stood me in good stead for understanding the complex medical issues that are presented by many class members as they tackle the ageing process with my expert help.  I love to take an exercise or a traditional Hatha Yoga pose and turn it into a Somatic Flow using my training from James Knight, the founder of Gentle Somatic Yoga, and I am aiming to add these Flows to my YouTube Channel over the summer months whilst on sabbatical.

I am passionate about facilitating class members to embrace a successful ageing process and I believe the Somatic approach is most useful for that purpose.  I certainly reject any notion that certain conditions, postural tendencies and mindsets are an inevitable part of the ageing process and I work with my clients to resist cultural narratives and social constructs that may hold their progress back by being deeply embedded in limiting ageist discourses.

I would describe myself as “curvy” and so I well understand the issues of traditional Yoga – looking like you have to be bendy and a size 6.

I know how it feels to try poses with a tyre round the middle and am very supportive of all shapes and sizes doing my classes. No judgement. Let’s embrace the curves!I managed and administered 8 community classes per week in the South Yorkshire area aimed at over 45s. I write a regular blog covering anatomy issues, common illness and disability issues relevant to the over 45s and provide notes and YouTube playlists for my regular Yoga Class Members.

In my (very tiny amount of) time off, I love to spend time with my two dogs, who you will meet from time to time in the Zoom classes.  The fur family consists of a recently retired Guide Dog, Lora, (and the less obedient ha ha ha) and little Maisie who is a mongrel rescued from a Kill Shelter in Cyprus by Mayflower Sanctuary in Bawtry.

Because of my technical abilities (I am a bit of a geek) I am self-taught in being able to make sketches using my iPad and Apple Pencil.  Mostly pictures of dogs of course! I enjoy photography, though only using my smartphone camera these days, and am very creative with makeup from time to time, which is a vestige of my time as a consultant Image Analyst.

I have been happily married for 28 years to Neil who is a Principal Consultant at Tata (was British) Steel in Rotherham.  He is responsible for Air Pollution control across the world and spends much of his time contributing to the writing of European laws and travelling.  Neil and I founded the Swing Society at Sheffield University and the two taught weekly Swing Jive nights in Sheffield and surrounding areas before retiring to the Tickhill area.  You will see the influence of our Lindy Hop days in the playlist.
I founded and administrate 3 local community  Facebook forums, providing useful local information to members: Bawtry Community Forum, Blyth Community Forum and Tickhill Canine Lovers Group.  We walk occasionally (when lockdowns permit) with the group “Labrador Walks in Yorkshire” when we are not exploring the countryside in our caravan or walking and enjoy spending time visiting and hosting events with Neil’s family.

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Deborah is qualified in Emergency First Aid at Work

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